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Sundaes Drive Inn has been a low key family dining establishment for the past 50 years in Stockton, MO with only 3 different owners. Sarah and Justin Bock are the current owners. Sarah and Justin purchased the restaurant from Joe Hughes in 2006. Some fun facts about the restaurant are that the original building was white, and Joe painted it yellow. Another is that the same year the tornado came through and devastated our little town the restaurant burnt and had to be rebuilt. Being one of the only places to eat in town at that time the building was demolished in August and back open for business by Thanksgiving of the same year. 


Sarah Bock has worked at Sundaes since she was 16 years old. She loved working at the restaurant and visiting with the customers as they would order a burger and fries. Joe would always joke with Sarah telling her one day she would own this place. Sarah just blew it off and didn’t think too much of it. While Sarah was in college she would work on the weekends and during the summer. In 2006 Joe approached Sarah about purchasing and making the business her own. Since 2006 Sarah hasn’t changed much about Sundaes. The burger is provided by JNS Farms from their family farm just 5 miles south of town and is processed in Golden City, MO. The beef is raised naturally with no added hormones or antibiotics. Sarah was married to Justin Bock in 2004 and they have 3 daughters, Natalya, Nalayni and Nadya. The girls enjoy their time at the restaurant and have been raised around the customers. 

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